Aerial Competition Team

Award Winning Competition Team – Some of our accomplishments!
De Leon Dynamics Competition Team members (currently by invite only) have performed amazingly at competitions:

Viva Fest – April 2019
*1st Place Winners*:
Luca Flores – 
Student Series Aerial Other
Isabel Neitzel –
Student Series Dance Trapeze
Jillian Ryan – Student Series Aerial Hoop

*2nd Place Winners*:
Maren Hibbard – Student Series Aerial Silks
Malena Flores -Student Series Aerial Silks
Luca Flores & Maren Hibbard – Student Series Aerial Duo
Malena Flores -Student Series Aerial Other
KC Daly -Student Series Aerial Silks
Mayzee Supak – Student Series Aerial Other

*3rd Place Winners*:
Tara Gordon – Student Series Aerial Hammock
Kaitlyn Duke & Zoee Supak – Student Series Aerial Duo
Jillian Ryan – Student Series Aerial Silks

West Coast Aerial Arts Festival – November 2018
*2nd Place OVERALL Winner*:
Luca Flores
– Corde Lisse

*1st Place Winners*:
Maren Hibbard 
-Amateur Silks Category (7-12yo)
Isabel Neitzel – Amateur Trapeze Category (14+)
Zoee Supak – Amateur Trapeze Category (13-)
Luca Flores – Amateur Corde Lisse
Tara Gordon – Amateur Hammock

*2nd Place Winners*:
Malena Flores -Amateur Silks Category (7-12yo)
KC Daly – Amateur Silks Category (16+)

*3rd Place Winners*:
Mayzee Supak -PRO Category
Kaitlyn Duke – Amateur Hammock

De Leon Cirque Fest 2018
*1st Place Winners*:
Isabel Neitzel – Student Series Dance Trapeze
Malena Flores – Student Series Aerial Silks
Luca Flores – Student Series Corde Lisse
Mayzee Supak – Student Series Hammock
Luca Flores, Maren Hibbard – Student Series Duo Trapeze
Aubrey Lopez – Student Series Lyra

*2nd Place Winners*:
Zoee Supak – Student Series Dance Trapeze
Maren Hibbard – Student Series Aerial Silks
Tara Gordon – Student Series Hammock
Mayzee Supak – Student Series Corde Lisse
Malena Flores, Aubrey Lopez – Student Series Duo Straps

*3rd Place Winners*:
Megan Leo – Student Series Aerial Silks
Haley Tse
 – Student Series Aerial Silks
Kaitlyn Duke – Student Series Hammock

Viva Fest 2018
*1st Place Winners*:
Malena Flores
 – Student Series Aerial Silks
Luca Flores – Student Series Corde Lisse
Mayzee Supak – Student Series Hammock
Ava Kapelczak – Student Series Dance Trapeze
Ava Kapelczak – Student Series Aerial Silks
Lana Kapelczak – Student Series Lyra

*2nd Place Winners*:
Zoee Supak – Student Series Dance Trapeze
Malena Flores, Zoee Supak, Aubrey Lopez, Haley Tse – Student Series Group Act (Cube)
Aubrey Lopez – Student Series Lyra
Haley Tse – Student Series Aerial Silks

*3rd Place Winners*:
Isabel Neitzel – Student Series Dance Trapeze
KC Daly – Student Series Aerial Silks
Jillian Ryan – Student Series Aerial Silks
Grace Budd – Aerial Loop/Hammock (14+)

West Coast Aerial Arts Festival – November 2017
*1st Place Winners*:
Ava Kapelczak 
– Amateur Trapeze Category (17 and under)
Mayzee Supak
 – Amateur Hammock Category (17 and under)
Malena Flores 
– Amateur Silks Category (7-12yo)
Aubrey Lopez, Haley Tse, Malena Flores, Zoee Supak 
– Amateur Open Apparatus Group Category (on aerial cube)

*2nd Place Winners*:
Haley Tse 
– Amateur Silks Category (7-12yo)

*3rd Place Winners*:
Aubrey Lopez
 – Amateur Lyra Category (17 and under)
Zoee Supak 
– Amateur Trapeze Category (17 and under)
Luca Flores 
– Amateur Corde Lisse Category (17 and under)
Maren Hibbard & Luca Flores
 – Amateur Open Apparatus Group Category (on DuoTrapeze)

Viva Fest – February 2017
Malena Flores – 1st place – Young Stars Aerial Silks Category
Naomi Bjornsson – 3rd place – Young Stars Aerial Silks Category
Nevaeh Bethoney – 3rd place – Young Stars Aerial category
Ava Kapelzcak – 3rd place – Static Trapeze 12-17yo category


Are you:
Looking to one day become a pro-performer?
Loving your classes, but ready to take it to the next level?
Wanting to get out into the community and perform for a live audience?

Our Demo Teams are so much fun! Twice a year we select students to be a part of our Aerial and Parkour Demo Teams – they perform in community events and are working hard to become junior professional performers.

Parkour Demo Team: 1-3pm
Aerial Demo & Competition Teams: 3-5pm

Audition Information:
No cost to audition and no obligation to join – it’ll be lots of fun and a great experience for everyone.
Ages 6-18
There is a mandatory parent’s meeting at the beginning of auditions – parents, please plan to attend.

Demo Team commitments:
– Purchase of team uniform (cost TBD – Parkour is usually around $40)
– Commitment to participate in the 2-hour demo team-specific practices each week (no more than 3 absences per 6 month commitment)
– Commitment to participate in 1-2 additional classes per week (to be discussed during parent meeting at beginning of audition)
– Aerial/Cirque Demo Team practice day is TBD (Competition Team is currently by invitation only)
– Parkour Demo Team practice on Wednesdays from 6-8pm.
– Participation in 3-4 community performances, including Student Showcases.


Questions? Ask Nicole at front desk or email us at info at deleondynamics dot com!