Kids’ Class Pricing (per 4-week session):
1 hour per week: $80
2 hours per week: $144
3 hours per week: $204
Sibling discount: 10% off

[toggle title=”Aerial Silks Classes for Kids: (click to expand)”]

Fly in style with our progressive aerial silks classes. In our unique program, kids with no experience can develop their skills to an advanced level like you would see in famous performances.
Aerial Silks consist of two pieces of fabric hanging from the ceiling. Athletes climb, twist, invert, do splits, hang, and do “drops” and other tricks in this apparatus, which is probably our most popular! Silks classes designed by De Leon Dynamics are progressive and divided into six levels (Beginner 1 & 2, Intermediate 1 & 2, and Advanced 1 & 2)


[toggle title=”Cirque-style Classes for Kids: (click to expand)”] These classes teach a variety of ground and aerial disciplines seen in cirque and circus shows around the world, such as static trapeze, juggling, aerial hoop, unicycle, rolla-bolla, handstands, basic tumbling and more!
On Static Trapeze the bars and ropes mainly stay in place. The artist will do tricks above and below the bar, the ropes playing just as important a part as the bar. A partner act will involve the partners working together — supporting each other’s weight, throwing, lifting and catching each other.
Lyra or Aerial Hoop is a metal ring suspended from the ceiling on which aerialists perform aerial acrobatics. It can be used static, swinging or spinning.
Skillful and dramatic balancing acts are presented by circus performers who stack multiple boards on top of one another to increase the challenge, also combining this with other circus arts to create a more exciting spectacle.


[toggle title=”Parkour Classes for Kids: (click to expand)”]Freestyle gymnastics using obstacles to create amazing off-axis flips, jumps and other creative movement! Athletes aim to get from A to B in the most efficient way possible. They do this using only their bodies and their surroundings to propel themselves. Furthermore, they try to maintain as much momentum as is possible in a safe manner. Parkour can include obstacle courses, running, climbing, swinging, vaulting, jumping, rolling, quadrupedal movement, and the like, depending on what movement is deemed most suitable for the given situation.[/toggle]