Adults’ Class Pricing:
1 hour per week (4-week session): $80
Drop-In Rate: $20
5 Class Punch Card: $90
10 Class Punch Card: $145
Monthly Unlimited: $195

Aerial Silks Classes for Adults
Fly in style with our progressive aerial silks classes. The most unique way to exercise, have fun and express yourself! In our unique program, adults with no experience can develop their skills to a professional level like you would see in famous performances.

Aerial Silks consist of two pieces of fabric hanging from the ceiling. Athletes climb, twist, invert, do splits, hang, and do “drops” and other tricks in this apparatus, which is probably our most popular! Silks classes designed by De Leon Dynamics are progressive and divided into six levels (Beginner 1 & 2, Intermediate 1 & 2, and Advanced 1 & 2)

Cirque-style Classes for Adults

These classes teach a variety of ground and aerial disciplines seen in cirque and circus shows around the world, such as static trapeze, juggling, aerial hoop, unicycle, rolla-bolla, handstands, basic tumbling and more!

Parkour Classes for Adults

Run, jump, flip and trick through our ever-changing parkour course!