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Aerial | Cirque | Urban Ninja | Pre-K | Tumbling | Gymnastics StrengthExpress yourself and have fun being active – train for Cirque du Soleil or American Ninja Warrior!Anyone can do it – we have classes for age 3 – adult, no experience necessary!

Build overall body strength, become more agile, improve quality of life and increase confidence with classes at De Leon Dynamics.

Join us at our top notch facility in North County San Diego!

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Upcoming Events


Weeklong Half Day Camps during PUSD Closure! Spring Break Camps! – Enrollment is now open

When school is out, join us for tons of fun at De Leon Dynamics’ Camps! Visit our CAMP SIGN UP PAGE! Half Day Camps during PUSD Spring Break – April…


OVER THE RAINBOW: a Cirque Journey to Oz – April 3, 2021 – Get your ticket now

Join Dorothy as she journeys to the land of Oz. Flying and soaring through Oz, Dorothy will travel down the yellow brick road in a cirque-style reimagining of…


2020 Holiday Spectacular – Dec. 19

Join us for our first ever Livestream and On Demand Student Showcase! PURCHASE LIVESTREAM & ON DEMAND TICKETS: We are creating an online student showcase that everyone can…


SIGN UP NOW! Check out our current schedule and get signed up!

Fun offerings at De Leon Dynamics!

Here are some of the protocols and features at De Leon Dynamics in order to follow state and county COVID guidelines:

Great ventilation – our garage door is open with fans blowing fresh air into the facility + an exhaust fan pulls old air out. We estimate that the air in the facility is completely renewed approximately every 20 minutes.Reduced ratios + consistent cohorts – all offerings require at least a 4-week commitment to the same group so that we can maintain consistent cohorts. Due to this protocol, we are not offering free trials at this time.Social distancing and fresh apparatuses – masks are worn at all times that are feasible. Aerial points are all distanced 7-8′ apart. Apparatuses are disinfected and rested between each use.Staggered start and finish times – all offerings start and end at different times to minimize interaction with others.

SIGN UP NOW! Check out our current schedule and get signed up!

No Better Time to Start Than Now

No Experience NecessaryAll of our beginner classes are suitable for those with absolutely no experience! It’s never too late or too early to start our classes. We offer classes designed for ages 3 to adult. We will help you or your child gain flexibility and strength while learning new skills on fun apparatuses in a safe environment. Our classes are a great way to get a full body workout without even realizing it was a workout!

Progressive ClassesWe don’t hold you back! Everyone moves along at their own pace. Our classes are designed to develop clients from absolute beginner to professional (if that’s what you desire). Once you can safely and consistently complete skills in a level, you move up to the next. The skills taught in each level are designed to safely help you gain the strength, flexibility, and coordination that is necessary for the next level. De Leon Dynamics is the only training facility with tried and true progressive programs to help you reach your goals.

Click here for information about new Covid-19 procedures, waivers (all participants MUST have one on file), what to wear, annual registration fee, and drop procedures.

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Aerial & Cirque

Aerial Silks: Our most popular aerial apparatus, Aerial Silks uses two pieces of fabric rigged from the ceiling for amazing climbs, tricks, and drops.Aerial Hammock: Uses the same fabric as aerial silks, but looped into a teardrop shape. A great place to build the strength and flexibility needed in all aerial disciplines – plus a fun apparatus in itself!Aerial Lyra: Perform aerial acrobatics on a circular metal hoop.Aerial Trapeze: A horizontal bar connected to a single point by two ropes – amazing acrobatic feats are performed hanging from the bar (by your hands, knees or feet!), standing on the bar, or twisting into the ropes.

Urban Ninja

Calling all Parkour enthusiasts and Ninja Warriors!Come train with us – swing on our climbing hold bombs, hang on our finger hold wall, muscle up the peg wall, run and leap up our slanted walls, jump over our vault boxes…and more! Our kid and adult Urban Ninja classes integrate parkour and gymnastics safety techniques into a full body workout with progressively difficult skills, as you are ready.

Classes are structured with a combination of parkour skill instruction and urban ninja obstacle courses. Each week’s obstacles are different than the week before. The skills learned in classes build on each other and every class becomes more fun and creative than the last!

Pre-K, Tumbling, Gymnastics Strength, and more!

More classes for everyone!

Pre-K Classes: For 3-5 year olds, our Pre-K classes combine obstacle courses and age appropriate introductions to Urban Ninja and Aerial apparatuses.

Tumbling: Get proper tumbling instruction with safe techniques from a former elite gymnast!

Gymnastics Strength: Geared towards adults, a strength training class based on full body exercises used by gymnasts. This classes incorporates gymnastics equipment like rings and bars for a great workout.

Check out our Current Schedule & Sign Up!

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M. M. – 5 Star Review from Yelp

Friendly welcoming staff, knowledgeable supportive coaches, and non-intimidating atmosphere for newbies!
I would definitely recommend this place to anyone that wants to try something new and challenging!

A convenient location in North County San Diego: serving Rancho Bernardo, Poway, 4S Ranch, Scripps Ranch and beyond.

Contact De Leon Dynamics:

Email: info @ deleondynamics . com

Call: 858-521-8053

Office hours are 4:00-7:30pm M-F.

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