Why De Leon Dynamics?
Top 10 Reasons to Choose De Leon Dynamics

  1. Unique, Progressive Classes
    Every class at De Leon Dynamics has a progressive skill sheet so you can work at your own pace and move up as quickly as you are physically capable. Our programs have been developed and fine tuned over many years for maximum safety and effectiveness!
  2. Full Body Workout
    All of our classes offer a full body workout similar to a gymnastics workout. The best part is that they are so much fun you hardly notice you’re working out!
  3. Sparks Creativity
    Unlike some of the rigidity found in competitive gymnastics or even some dance (like ballet), aerial and parkour disciplines allow for individual creativity. One of the best benefits is it allows children to think for themselves and gives them a chance to solve problems safely.Parkour teaches how to safely maneuver using different obstacles, but once you have learned the safe techniques, you can use those techniques to creatively get from point A to point B.Aerial can be like theater, drama or even dance – just up in the air! Show off your creative expression while you are performing impressive moves in your favorite apparatus.
  4. Individuality
    While there is strength and proper technique required in our disciplines, one of the coolest things about what we do is that we are able to work towards our individual strengths. Are you strong, but not necessarily flexible? What sets you apart from everyone else? Are you goofy, cute, strong, bendy, sensual? All of these strengths can be played up in your personal routines and performances. We LOVE that everyone has strengths that can be used to set themselves apart. There is something for everyone at De Leon Dynamics!
  5. Increase Body Awareness
    Every discipline at De Leon Dynamics helps to increase body awareness and hand-eye coordination. My favorite analogy for those starting aerial is – “It’s like tapping your head and rubbing your belly – while doing pull ups!”. It sounds daunting, but really it’s fun and you WILL get it – probably sooner than later. But, it helps to remind newbies to have patience and not give up. Our progressive programs will grow your body awareness so that you can be safe whether you are leaping from vault box to vault box or doing a “drop” on the aerial silks. You can also take this increased awareness to other disciplines for increased safety, power, and balance.
  6. Increased Focus
    We have had multiple parents who report back to us that their children are doing better in school since starting classes at De Leon Dynamics. Our classes help kids learn to follow directions, improve concentration and mental focus – all important aspects of anyone’s life.
  7. Learn to Set and Achieve Goals
    Each student can move up as they as soon as they are physically and mentally capable. Setting the goal of moving up to the next level or achieving proficiency in the next skill on their list helps students learn very valuable life lessons. As student progress through our program they learn to persevere, they learn discipline, and, perhaps most importantly, they learn patience (those things REALLY worth having won’t be earned in just one day – they’ll take some work). All of this leads to a kind of mental toughness that they can take with them to tackle all kinds of obstacles in life!
  8. Increased Confidence and Self-Esteem
    One of our 13 year old demo team kids recently was thrilled to let me know that she “did more pull ups than any of the boys in the school class”.
  9. Make Friends in a Safe Environment
    We are so lucky to have an amazing group of clients at De Leon Dynamics! Our students collaborate together, set goals together, and stay safe together. It’s hard to get into trouble with the “bad” crowd when you’re having a blast at De Leon Dynamics.
  10. ITS FUN!
    Children between 6-17 should get 60 minutes of physical activity every day. The wide variety of classes offered at De Leon Dynamics ensures that they will stay engaged for a long time!

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